WWE Legend reveals that his iconic theme song was actually picked by Vince McMahon

A WWE superstar, or any professional wrestler for that matter, needs a suitable and compelling entrance theme song to enhance the overall presentation of their characters.

Most legendary performers are remembered from their theme songs, and you’d also probably have a few catchy WWE theme songs on your daily playlist, right?

Out of all the iconic themes in WWE history, Kurt Angle’s entrance music ranks high on most top-ten lists, and rightfully so, as it created an exhilarating live atmosphere.

Kurt Angle revealed during a recent ‘Ask Kurt Anything’ Q&A session on AdFreeShows.com that Vince McMahon picked his theme song.

Kurt Angle chose a different entrance theme during his time at TNA, and John Cena’s cousin, ‘Tha Trademarc,’ did the rapping on the TNA version.

“I loved them both” – Kurt Angle on his TNA and WWE entrance theme songs

Kurt Angle placed his WWE theme, titled ‘Medal’, higher than the song he used in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. The Olympic gold medalist felt that his WWE theme music perfectly fit his personality and on-screen character.

“I loved them both. I didn’t pick my WWE song; Vince McMahon picked it for me,” said Angle. “But I picked my TNA song, and it was a spin-off of the movie Vision Quest. The song is called Lunatic Fringe, and it’s an amateur wrestling movie. I’m a big fan of amateur wrestling, obviously, so I decided to use that melody in my mix. I had John Cena’s cousin, Tha Trademarc, do the rapping, and he was awesome. So, it was a badass entrance song, but which one did I like better? I still like my WWE theme song. I think it fits me perfectly.”

While Kurt Angle’s entrance music is undoubtedly an all-time classic, what are your personal favorite theme songs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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