WWE Rumor Roundup: Former champion retires, legend’s son to return after 10 years, Goldberg vs Big E (22nd April 2021)

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup, where we bring you the biggest rumors and stories from the world of WWE. Today, we’ll look at a possible huge return to WWE, a 5-time WWE Champion being offered a new role in the company, the reason for a major blunder at WrestleMania 37, and much more.

Plus, we’ll also look at the possibility of Goldberg’s return and who he will face. The Hall of Famer still has a match left on his contract and despite not being on the WrestleMania 37 card, the veteran will definitely return to WWE soon.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the biggest WWE stories:

#5 Goldberg to face Big E on WWE return?

Goldberg was last seen in action at Royal Rumble 2021 where he lost to Drew McIntyre. While many fans thought that the former Universal Champion would return for WrestleMania 37, WWE didn’t use the veteran.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Goldberg was asked about a possible match against another powerhouse performer, Big E. The veteran seemed optimistic about the match and said that Big E could bring out something latent in him. Goldberg said:

”The question is, could this era of Goldberg match up still with people and have it be interesting? I think the answer is absolutely yes. I think Big E could bring some stuff out of me that I would wanna do just to make Big E proud of me,” said Goldberg.

Goldberg admitted that getting in the ring with Big E would be a different situation but it would certainly be “really cool” in its own right. A match with Goldberg would certainly help increase Big E’s stock in WWE and give him the push into the main event.

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