5 Big face turns that must happen in WWE in 2021

AWWE is dominated by heels right now. Except for Bianca Belair on SmackDown and Rhea Ripley on RAW, every single champion on the WWE main roster is a heel.

Both the World Champions in WWE are heels and so are all three Tag Team Champions. Even the United States and Intercontinental Champions are heels. This isn’t the first time that’s happened in WWE, nor will it be the last.

Since things in WWE are often cyclical, there are periods when the Titles are dominated by babyfaces. While the objective of WrestleMania is normally to coronate several babyface champions, that wasn’t the case in 2021.

There are a lot of big face turns that can happen in WWE in 2021, but none are bigger than these five:

#5. Bayley – WWE’s MVP in the pandemic era

Bayley became the longest-reigning SmackDown Women
Bayley became the longest-reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion.

Bayley was undoubtedly among the five most important stars to WWE in the pandemic era. She was at the peak of her second reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion – one that surpassed a full year in length.

It’s hard to imagine WWE TV last year without Bayley because it wasn’t just SmackDown that she was dominating. There was a point when she was a Double Champion and Sasha Banks won the RAW Women’s Championship as a SmackDown star.

Bayley has been a heel ever since her turn in the summer of 2019 and it’s been the best thing that’s happened to her career in WWE. After undergoing a complete character revamp, she now looks more comfortable than ever from a character and promo-ability standpoint.

She was one of the big beneficiaries of the lack of crowds last year. Unfortunately for Bayley, the hard work she put in didn’t lead to a WrestleMania match despite her claiming to have pitched several ideas.

She still had her moment being the “unofficial” host of WrestleMania 37, but a match would have been a better spot. While Bayley’s run as a heel has been the best of her career, an organic face turn is possible if WWE invests the time.

All it takes is for Bayley to have regular TV time with a gradual shift in character over a few months.

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