5 Big Opportunities WWE missed out on after Samoa Joe was released

Of all the WWE releases that happened recently, Samoa Joe’s name stood out the most. While nobody deserves to lose their means of livelihood, some superstars like Bo Dallas and Kalisto never got the opportunity to showcase their talent and few eyebrows were raised upon their departure.

Kevin Dunn apparently didn’t see the same value in Billie Kay that we, the fans, did, and the WWE departure of The IIconics, as shocking as it is, isn’t nearly as puzzling as that of Samoa Joe. And that is because of all of the missed opportunities from releasing him.

Samoa Joe would have been a great asset at the commentary desk and yes, he would have been a great backstage figure if he ever got the chance. However, the true asset of the Samoan Submission Machine is his equity as an in-ring performer.

Here are five big missed opportunities for WWE thanks to Samoa Joe being released in his prime!

#5 WWE could have given us Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar again

One of the most compelling Brock Lesnar feuds involved his little program against Samoa Joe, where both men brought fire and intensity to the ring.

Paul Heyman had his fingerprints all over this feud and it just seemed like he saw the potential in Samoa Joe that others could no

Imagine a second round of the same program, with Samoa Joe confronting Brock Lesnar upon his WWE return!

Only this time, Brock Lesnar puts Samoa Joe over clean to establish a brand new star and elevate him to the next level.

Unfortunately, such a program will never come to pass because Samoa Joe is no longer employed by the company and honestly, we do not know if Brock Lesnar’s coming back to action either!

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