RAW Preview – WWE Superstars to be renamed, WrestleMania rematch, Former Universal Champion vs. Randy Orton for the first time ever

Even though RAW after WrestleMania was an underwhelming WWE show, chances are that the company was just biding its time to put on an extravaganza the following week.

Following the major cliffhanger that RAW went off the air with last week, chances are that the fallout from the angle could play out in a big way on this week’s show.

So here’s the preview for RAW this week, containing segments that have already been advertised by WWE and speculation about some others that may air on this week’s show. Feel free to share your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

Do you guys think that this week’s edition of RAW will be better than last week’s episode was?

#5 On WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre demands answers from MVP about RETRIBUTION

Drew McIntyre learned, as we did on WWE RAW last week, that T-Bar and Mace are now both allied with MVP, who is seemingly the new leader of RETRIBUTION. What a swerve this was, especially after we found out that Bobby Lashley’s business partner had disbanded the first version of The Hurt Business. But Drew McIntyre isn’t a man to be trifled with and he will want answers on RAW.

Expect Drew McIntyre to clash with RETRIBUTION members on the road to WWE WrestleMania Backlash. However, one has to wonder if T-Bar and Mace will unmask on RAW and revert to their former names. It really does not make sense to have both men still masked if they’re being led by MVP. It just doesn’t fit in with MVP’s more corporate, businesslike character.

Well, Drew McIntyre will show up on WWE RAW to demand answers from MVP. What the answer will be is anyone’s guess. Sound off in the comments if you think you know what MVP is going to say.

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