‘I feel like Vince sometimes”- Former WWE Superstar says he is treated like Vince McMahon in AEW

The AEW roster is stacked with veterans who previously worked for Vince McMahon. These names include Sting, Big Show, Christian and even Jim Ross. While each of them brings a lot to the company and are crucial in helping the younger talent on the roster, no one is a bigger asset to the company than Chris Jericho.

Jericho has been with the company since its inception. He played a crucial role in the growth of AEW into the second biggest wrestling promotion in the USA. Jericho has used his existing star power to bring more eyeballs to AEW while also helping the next generation of superstars to get over with the crowd.

Speaking to Stone Cold on Broken Skull Sessions, the former AEW World Champion talked about his responsibilities in AEW. He even compared himself to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and revealed that he sometimes feels like Vince McMahon in AEW:

”If people have questions, ideas or concerns, my door is getting knocked on. I feel like Vince sometimes. There is a lineup of people to talk to me because I have the advice. Not only telling you what you want to hear but also telling what you don’t want to hear. So that is my responsibility.”
Jericho also stated that he often tells the young superstars not to take the opportunities they are being given for granted, and they should appreciate the fact that they are part of something historic.

Vince McMahon’s equation with Chris Jericho
Jericho had been a major part of WWE before he joined NJPW and AEW. The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah is a former multi-time World Champion in WWE. Stone Cold revealed on the show that Vince McMahon thought getting Jericho on the show would be a great idea.

Chris Jericho had always helped younger superstars get over during his days in WWE. He has continued to do so in AEW by helping the younger generation not just on-screen but also off-screen.

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