WWE RAW – 5 Possible surprises- Major face turn, Ultimate betrayal, Big return

The episodes of WWE RAW and SmackDown over this past week were disappointing, to say the least. Many fans expressed how underwhelmed they were when these two shows aired.

One has to assume that the creative team was exhausted after WrestleMania, in the light of which they phoned in these two episodes. Perhaps the new season will begin with this episode of WWE RAW, which will be packed with surprises galore.

So, no, these are not surprises that we know will happen, but rather ones we feel should happen. Chime in with your own thoughts on how RAW should play out and if you think the surprises listed here make sense.

Do you think that the overall WWE product has gone downhill since WrestleMania Night 1 aired?

#5 Mustafa Ali turns face on WWE RAW and aligns with Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is outmatched when it comes to the heels gunning for him. It’s not just MVP and Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW who are hot on his trail, but RETRIBUTION recently joined forces with MVP in the oddest sort of coalition. He will need backup and this could come from none other than Mustafa Ali.

WWE has always refused to go all the way with Mustafa Ali, whether it was as the SmackDown hacker or the leader of RETRIBUTION. That said, they might take the safe route on this occasion of just portraying him as a babyface, intent for revenge against some people he considered friends. Mustafa Ali and Drew McIntyre could be a powerhouse team going forward.

It is impossible to mess up a great talent like Mustafa Ali three times, and just a simple alliance with Drew McIntyre could be the best way to rehabilitate him.

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