John Cena reacts to current WWE Superstar being “ready” to retire him

John Cena recently reacted in his own unique manner to WWE Superstar Karrion Kross wanting to face him in his retirement match. Kross responded to a fan on Twitter who threw the idea of John Cena wrestling him in his final wrestling match. Kross stated that he would be honored to be Cena’s last opponent before the WWE legend calls it quits and added that he’s “VERY ready” to wrestle him.John Cena reacted to the comments by taking to his official Instagram handle and posting a photo of Kross. Kross responded to Cena by posting a photo of the WWE veteran on his Instagram handle. Check out the posts below

John Cena vs. Karrion Kross would benefit the latter big time
John Cena’s Instagram handle is one of the most interesting ones on the social media site. The former WWE Champion posts photos on a regular basis without adding captions. Cena has made it clear in his bio that it’s up to fans to interpret the meaning behind the photos he posts.

John Cena is one of the greatest superstars to ever step foot in a WWE ring. He usually makes the cut when fans discuss the Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling. There haven’t been many in the business who have achieved as much as Cena has and it would certainly be a huge deal for Karrion Kross if he gets to be his final opponent.

John Cena hasn’t wrestled a WWE match for a long time now. The last time fans saw him in the ring was at WrestleMania 36 last year, where he took on Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Fun House match.The cinematic presentation received a mixed response from fans but was mostly lauded for being one of the most bizarre and intriguing ideas that WWE has ever come up with.Would you be interested in seeing Kross face John Cena in his final WWE match? Who would be your pick for Cena’s final match if not Kross? Share your comments below.

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