Chris Jericho’s advice to former WWE star after he signed

Chavo Guerrero was a guest on a recent edition of Sean Waltman’s podcast, Pro Wrestling 4 Life. During the interview, Chavo revealed some advice Chris Jericho gave him when he joined WWE from WCW. Chavo also opened up about whether there was any heat in the locker room when he came over.

Chavo Guerrero’s contract was one of the ones picked up by WWE after they bought WCW in 2001. Sean Waltman asked him whether he got any heat from the WWE locker room after moving over from WCW.

Chavo said that being Eddie Guerrero’s nephew shielded him, but revealed how others who came over from WCW did get some heat in the back, including DDP and Buff Bagwell.

“I didn’t see it too much because I had Eddie already there. I know I was still green and young, but one thing that Eddie did tell me, I think Jericho told me too, ‘Anything you’ve done over there, remember,’ I’d only been there four years in the business. He said, ‘That’s gone. You’re starting fresh here. New audience. Yes, it’s wrestling, but these guys have maybe not watched WCW, so they won’t know what you’re doing. So you get to start fresh, but you’re starting fresh. There’s a good and a bad.’ I didn’t get it too much. I was pretty good. I saw there were lot of jealousies. DDP got it for sure. Mike Awesome and those guys, those big dudes but I didn’t see it. Look at [Buff] Bagwell, they beat the crap out of him. Sometimes rightfully so with Mark. I love him to death, but you got to pay your dues a little bit. It is what it is.” (H/T: WrestlingINC)

A brief look at Chavo Guerrero’s WWE career

Chavo Guerrero had a very successful career in WWE after moving over from WCW in 2001. He was a stalwart of the Cruiserweight division, winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on four occasions.

His most memorable run came as part of Los Guerreros alongside his uncle Eddie Guerrero. The duo won two Tag Team titles together, and Chavo is also a former ECW Champion.

What do you make of Chris Jericho’s advice? Are you surprised Chavo didn’t get heat when jumping over from WCW? Sound off in the comments.

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