Samoa Joe blamed a former writer for ruining his career [Exclusive]

Vince Russo recently opened up about the TNA storyline where Samoa Joe was kidnapped by ninjas. Russo also explained how this led to Joe blaming him for ruining his career.

In a 2010 storyline in TNA, Samoa Joe was attacked by ninjas and then kidnapped in a white van. Not much came of this and the storyline ended up being dropped.

Vince Russo recently revealed details of the ninja storyline with Samoa Joe in TNA. Russo said that it had originally been Eric Bischoff’s and his plan to bring in Jimmy Snuka as the man behind it. The plan didn’t work out and it fell on Vince Russo to make the best of the situation:

“All of a sudden at one creative meeting, Eric has the idea that Joe’s gonna get kidnapped and he’s going to get thrown in this white van and ninjas are going to come out and kidnap him. So me and Conway are like… really? Then Eric tells us his master plan at the time, ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka was going to be behind this. Eric was like ‘I can get Snuka.’ Okay, Eric. If you can get Snuka. So of course we do the ninja captures Joe and throws him in the white van and of course, Eric can’t get Snuka. So now all of a sudden, Eric doesn’t know what to do with that so no it’s back on Vince and Conway.”


Vince Russo on Samoa Joe saying he ruined his career

Vince Russo went on to reveal how he got an email from Samoa Joe years later, with Joe accusing Russo and the kidnapping angle of ruining his career. Russo explained what happened and what he told Joe.

“Years later, I get an email from Joe. This is prior to WWE now. He hadn’t gone to WWE and he’s writing to me in this email how I single handedly ruined his career by having him kidnapped and thrown in a white van. Number one, I never knew Joe thought this angle ruined his career. Number two, never had the coversation with me about it. Number three, I didn’t throw Eric under the bus because I didn’t work that way. So then finally after all these years I write back and sa, keep in mind, this is before WWE and I’m like ‘Joe let me easy your mind. that’s not going to ruin your career.’ Did it suck? Was it horrible? Was it bad? Yes. is it going to ruin your career? No.”

Samoa Joe was released by WWE earlier this week along with a number of other stars.

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