Chavo Guerrero reveals what it was like backstage in WCW

Chavo Guerrero was a guest on a recent episode of Pro Wrestling 4 Life hosted by Sean Waltman. Chavo discussed the difference backstage in WCW and WWE on the show.

Chavo Guerrero was part of WCW’s famous cruiserweight division, winning the WCW Cruiserweight Championship twice. He’s also a former WCW World Tag Team Champion. Chavo signed with WWE in 2001 after the sale of WCW.

Chavo was a part of the popular Los Guerreros tag team in WWE along with his uncle, the late Eddie Guerrero. They won two tag team champions in WWE together.

During the interview, Chavo Guerrero was asked about the difference backstage between WCW and WWE. Speaking about his experience in WWE, Chavo said it was different from WCW because of Vince McMahon and everyone knew he was the boss:

“It was different because I saw the buck stopped with one guy. The buck stopped with Vince McMahon. What he said goes, and that’s the way it was.” – H/T: WrestlingInc

Chavo Guerrero on what it was like backstage in WCW

Chavo went on to talk about how it was backstage in WCW, citing one example where the taping for an episode got held because David Crockett, who was the head of production at the time, couldn’t agree about the booking:

“There was really no boss in WCW. Even Eric had to answer to people, and then when Eric was gone, there was really no boss. When Bill Bush came in and other people came in, we didn’t have a boss. I remember one time at Nitro, they held the show up.”

“Maybe it was a Thunder or something but they held the show up because you had David Crockett, head of production, he was arguing with booking, and they were arguing about something. They didn’t even start the show until 30 minutes late because they couldn’t agree on what to do. It was a pis*ing contest basically, and I was like, ‘god, these guys are acting like kids.’ There’s people out there waiting to go to start the show.”

WWE ended up buying WCW in 2001. Guerrero was one of 25 contracts included in WWE’s purchase of WCW.

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