WWE originally wanted released superstar to become the next Goldberg – Reports

Mojo Rawley was the final superstar to be released during WWE’s annual ‘spring cleaning’ session on April 15th, which saw ten wrestlers leaving the company.

Mojo Rawley, real name Dean Jonathan Muhtadi, joined WWE in 2012, and it has now been revealed that the promotion initially had big plans for the former professional football player.

Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Mojo Rawley was earmarked to be a major superstar when WWE signed him in 2012.

The reported idea was to make Mojo Rawley the next Goldberg-like powerhouse figure in the WWE. However, as time passed, WWE’s creative plans changed, and various other factors also additionally affected Mojo Rawley’s WWE career.

While Mojo Rawley did possess the physical features and the intensity to match Goldberg’s persona, the stop-start nature of Rawley’s WWE stint would have never let any long-term creative plan flourish on TV.

Meltzer noted the following in the Newsletter:

“He was highly touted as a future superstar when signed in 2012. The first idea I heard for him was to make him into a Bill Goldberg powerhouse. But then that idea changed, and it was constant changes and all downhill.”

What’s next for Mojo Rawley after his WWE release?

Dave Meltzer was unsure about Mojo Rawley’s next destination as the former NXT superstar had clearly been typecast as a low mid-card talent in WWE. Meltzer explained that Rawley faces the challenge of changing fans’ perception of him if he intends on continuing wrestling.

The 34-year-old performer’s passion for the wrestling business has never been in question, and it will be interesting to see where he ends up being in a few months.

Mojo Rawley was introduced to WWE TV on NXT in 2013, and he debuted as a physically imposing talent who was always hyped. WWE later paired him up with Zack Ryder, and they were collectively known as The Hype Bros. Rawley and Ryder enjoyed spells in NXT and SmackDown before they split up.

A heel turn and some significant character alterations didn’t help Mojo Rawley’s cause as he was relegated to being involved in 24/7 Championship segments by the end of 2019. Just like many other unfortunate WWE superstars in the past, Rawley’s career suffered from recurring injuries.

Mojo Rawley’s biggest highlights in the WWE came alongside his real-life friend Rob Gronkowski. Rawley is a 7-time 24/7 Champion and a former Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner.

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