WWE SmackDown – 5 Possible surprises – Former Universal Champion destroys Roman Reigns, Bianca Belair confronted by unexpected star

WWE SmackDown has the opportunity to overshadow RAW after WrestleMania, which was not a very good show at all. Several aspects of the Monday night show were underwhelming, which is why SmackDown needs to hit it out of the park this week.

Are you ready for a good time? Despite the opening lines of the AC/DC track, fans will only have a good time if WWE SmackDown delivers on all fronts. And surprises are a great way to ensure that the WWE SmackDown episode after WrestleMania is a good one.

As always, we invite you guys to join the chat below and chime in with your views and comments. What surprises do you think would make SmackDown a better show?

#5 The Fiend takes Roman Reigns out during WWE SmackDown after WrestleMania

Why would a RAW star show up on SmackDown, you rightfully ask? For one, King Corbin from SmackDown showed up on RAW recently, meaning there’s a possibility of an exchange happening. Secondly, the rules change after WrestleMania generally (or at least, once upon a time, they did).

But thirdly, and most importantly, Bray Wyatt told us about a new start on RAW. Does that mean that he could show up on SmackDown to slug it out with Roman Reigns very soon? Even though The Fiend was a supernatural entity, he did not seem to be ‘above’ material possessions, such as the WWE Universal Championship.

Bray Wyatt is all about righting the wrongs of the past, and Roman Reigns’ return was the reason why he was the WWE Universal Champion for just seven days! There is a storyline waiting to be explored here. Whether it is touched upon on WWE SmackDown remains to be seen.

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