5 former NXT Champions released by WWE – Where are they now?

WWE has worked hard to build some of the best wrestling talent in the world. To ensure that those who signed with the company get the best possible training and preparation, WWE created the NXT brand.

But NXT has slowly turned into a complete third brand of the company, from being just a developmental brand. The NXT and NXT Women’s Championships are now two of the most prized titles in the wrestling industry.

Several superstars have gone on to win these NXT titles in their careers before heading to the main roster. This has allowed WWE to test their abilities before giving them a major push on RAW or SmackDown.

However, a few former NXT Champions have not been able to replicate their success on the main roster. On the other hand, other reasons may have also halted their rise in WWE. This has resulted in some former NXT stars being released from the company over the past few years.

Let’s take a look at five former NXT and NXT Women’s Champions released by WWE, and what they are doing today.

#5 Former NXT Champion Bo Dallas could go into the real estate business following his WWE release

Bo Dallas enjoyed a relatively long stint with WWE. However, his 13-year long relationship with WWE came to an abrupt end on April 15th, 2021, when he was one of the superstars who was released by the company.

Dallas joined WWE in 2008 and was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). The third-generation WWE Superstar became part of NXT in 2012 and went on an impressive run with an interesting gimmick.


Dallas defeated Big E to win the NXT Championship on May 23, 2013. The superstar enjoyed a 260-day NXT title reign that saw him have a few great matches. He moved to the main roster in 2014 and competed as an individual performer as well as in several tag teams.

Dallas won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship with Curtis Axel as part of The B-Team. He requested time off from WWE in December 2019, which was granted. However, after Axel was released by the company in April 2020, Dallas also faded away.

The superstar did not compete in any more matches for WWE and only won the 24/7 Championship once in a backstage segment. Dallas was released from his contract on April 15th, 2021, and his future remains unclear.

Dallas is reportedly in a relationship with WWE Superstar Liv Morgan. The two live together on their own farm and have set up a family real estate business. It looks like Dallas will likely focus on his new business rather than return to the ring.

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