“I never tried to look like HHH”- 30-year-old wrestler on his career suffering because he resembled Triple H

Triple H is one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. So, it can be assumed being compared to The Game would work in the favor of any up-and-coming superstar. However, that’s apparently not the case for 30-year-old Alex Hammerstone. He believes his career took a setback because of his resemblance to Triple H.

Alex Hammerstone has briefly worked for WWE in the past when he appeared as Tyler Breeze’s bodyguard. However, despite having multiple tryouts, he was not signed to a long-term deal. Hammerstone finally found success in MLW, where he holds the National Openweight Championship.

Speaking on the Keeping it 100 podcast, Hammerstone talked about how he looked way too much like Triple H early on in his career. He admitted that his career may have stalled because of it.

”When he said that (Scott D’Amore telling Hammerstone he looked too much like HHH), he was the final straw because I had been getting that a little bit up until then. I never tried to look like HHH. I beat around the idea of expanding and changing up what I was doing. It was that constant internal struggle of, well, what I’m doing has got me here. I’m main-eventing all these indies, but it’s not getting me any further.”

Alex Hammerstone on how he tried to be different from Triple H

Hammerstone talked about how he had to rebrand himself entirely, so that people would stop viewing himself as a Triple H knockoff. From cutting his hair short to changing his promo delivery style, the young star went all out to carve out his own identity in the world of pro-wrestling.

”I cut the hair. Then I was like, if I cut the hair, that’s going to be such a shock. I might as well change up my entire presentation and change my music and my character and the way I do promos.”

By changing his look and working style, Hammerstone said that people who had written him off had finally started paying attention to him.

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