“Perfect reason for leaving” – Former WWE Superstar on CM Punk’s exit (Exclusive)

Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara says he can understand why CM Punk decided to leave WWE in 2014.

CM Punk walked out of WWE before the post-Royal Rumble episode of WWE RAW following a conversation backstage with Triple H and Vince McMahon. Although Punk is often linked with a return to wrestling, he has not competed in an official match since his 2014 Royal Rumble appearance.

Sin Cara, now known as Cinta de Oro, performed in WWE at the time of Punk’s departure. He told Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta that he shared his former co-worker’s frustration with regards to WWE relying on part-time performers.

“I understand his feeling because he was with the company full-time, and the time for us to really showcase what we had worked to all year is WrestleMania, and then a lot of those spots were taken out [by part-time superstars] because I wasn’t… [we] weren’t considered for that show. It was other people that were outside the company that would come in and take those spots, and it was tough.”

Watch the video above to find out Sin Cara’s thoughts on The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania 30 against Brock Lesnar. He also discussed WWE Superstars’ concerns with performing in Saudi Arabia after the Crown Jewel 2019 flight delay.

Sin Cara understands if CM Punk never returnsSin Cara left WWE in 2019.
Sin Cara left WWE in 2019.
CM Punk chose to leave WWE for several reasons, including creative frustrations and numerous injuries. As Sin Cara alluded to, Punk repeatedly raised concerns about part-time Superstars taking key spots at WWE’s biggest events.

Sin Cara agreed with Punk’s “perfect” reason and said he can understand if the former WWE Champion never wants to wrestle again.

“Now, in my case, I get it, I understand his feeling and why he left. It was a perfect reason for him leaving. It wasn’t because he thought something else or his ego or whatever, like I was saying before about why he left, and I understand why he doesn’t wanna come back. It’s perfectly fine. He made his mark and now he just wants to continue living his life happy, which is great for him.”

Now aged 42, CM Punk has said he is willing to return to wrestling under the right circumstances. He recently told Uproxx that AEW’s Kenny Omega and WWE’s Triple H are potential big-money opponents if he ever returns.

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