Current WWE titleholder reveals important advice she received from Paul Heyman

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley opened up about her experience at WrestleMania 37 in a recent interview. She also discussed an important piece of advice Paul Heyman had given her.

Rhea Ripley beat Asuka at WrestleMania 37 to win her first WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Ripley is also a former NXT Women’s Champion.

She was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of TVInsider following her win at WrestleMania 37. During the interview, Ripley revealed an important piece of advice she received from Paul Heyman:

“It was Paul Heyman who said to me, ‘You can stay humble, but don’t stay silent.’ That really hit me because I’m a very humble person. I do my job and do what I’m told. Sometimes that isn’t the best way to do things. I will take that advice with me as I keep working.”

Rhea Ripley on wrestling Asuka at WWE WrestleMania 37

Rhea Ripley won her first title on the main roster at WWE WrestleMania 37. Ripley was asked about her experience at WrestleMania and what it was like to be in front of a crowd again:

“It was really special. Just being able to connect with the crowd and hearing what they like and don’t like, seeing their faces. It was the highlight of my career for sure.”

Ripley also opened up about her experience wrestling Asuka, who she had met for the first time when she was 17 years old during a tour of Japan:

“Asuka is someone I’ve watched for a long time. When I was 17, I went to Japan and was actually on one of the same shows as Asuka. I thought she was absolutely amazing. At WrestleMania, it was finally my time to step in the ring with her. I think it showed I deserve to be here as a performer and a person.”

As of now, it looks like Rhea Ripley could be defending her WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka and Charlotte Flair at the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view next month.

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