MLW’s Richard Holliday threatens PWI, more on Gino Medina match tonight on MLW Fusion

On tonight’s MLW Fusion, IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday is set to defend his championship against Gino Medina. Holliday, part of Team Dynasty, once recruited Medina to be part of his stable. The relationship went sour, and tonight on MLW, the two will square off in what will be a fantastic match (because Richard Holliday is in it)!

MLW Fusion Richard Holliday vs. Gino Medina
MLW Fusion Richard Holliday vs. Gino Medina

In this exclusive interview, the IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday discusses if he’s concerned about Gino Medina’s current winning streak, how he’s prepared for Gino Medina, and threatens PWI with his lawyer/father!

Earlier, Richard Holliday discussed whether Dynasty got what they wanted out of Gino Medina and Alexander Hammerstone’s thoughts on the feud. You can read that here.

Q: Since MLW’s The Restart, Gino Medina is actually undefeated in MLW. Does that draw concern to you at all?

“Good for Gino. Great. Undefeated, listen, that’s fantastic. I’m glad that you built up this undefeated record because when you step into the ring with me, guess what, Gino, there’s your one, there’s your one loss. I don’t know how many wins you have, two? Three? I have no idea. I’m not keeping track. Like I told you, once I fired your ass, I left you in the dust. I don’t keep tabs on you. I keep tabs on me.”

Q: Speaking of Gino Medina being undefeated, Pro Wrestling Illustrated does the top ten rankings for the MLW Championships. In one of the last ones they did, they did a top ten on the MLW Championship (currently held by Jacob Fatu). Now, Gino Medina ranked ninth, having never been ranked before, and he’s not too far off from you as they ranked you seventh. Do you feel PWI should have you ranked higher, especially considering you’re already a champion?

“Absolutely, it should be Hammerstone and Holliday 1(A) and 1(B). Maybe not even 1(A) and 1(B), maybe just 1-1, Hammerstone and Holliday. I mean, he’s the National Openweight Champion, and I’m the Caribbean Champion. We’ve been dominating the league ever since Dynasty has formed. We’re the most talked-about people on the show. Who’s ranked ahead of me? I haven’t checked the list. Are you kidding me? Seventh? Seven? Now that I found this information out, guess who’s going to be hearing from my lawyer/father? You guessed it, PWI. You did it to yourself. PWI, you want to rank me that low? Go ahead. You might pay the price for it!”

Q: Speaking of the match with Gino Medina, are you studying any tapes or watching his matches to get ready for this match?

“No, I’m not. Here’s the thing when you’re the Caribbean Champion. I wake up every single morning, I look myself in the mirror, and I say, ‘My God, you’re breathing rarified air.’ More so than any other consumer, any other wrestler, anybody who ever walked this earth.

“I wake up, and I feel dangerous. I go to bed; I feel unstoppable. Gino has a lot to worry about when he gets into the ring with me. I am on top of my game. I am the sharpest I’ve ever been. I’m in the best shape of my life. I don’t think the consumers give me enough credit for that, not that I seek their credit, not that I seek their admiration, I don’t.

“Gino needs to understand this is not a game to me. This is real life. This is grown man shit. Excuse my language; it is, and Gino needs to understand that.”

MLW Fusion airs tonight on their YouTube Page at 7:00 pm Eastern. You can also catch MLW on bein sports, DAZN network, and Fubo. Please make sure you tune into tonight’s MLW Fusion as IWA/MLW Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday puts his title on the line against Gino Medina. Check back with Sportskeeda for our full results from MLW Fusion and to find out if Richard Holliday retained the Caribbean Championship.

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