“That would be a coin flip” – Arn Anderson on whether Brock Lesnar could beat up WWE Hall of Famer

Wrestling legend Arn Anderson is unsure whether Brock Lesnar would have won a legitimate fight against Ron Simmons in his prime.

Simmons, also known as Faarooq in WWE, is regarded as one of the toughest wrestlers of all time. Lesnar, who only faced Faarooq in one televised tag team match, also has a reputation as one of wrestling’s most legitimate fighters.

On this week’s episode of his ARN podcast, Anderson was asked if Lesnar or Simmons would win a real fight between the two men.

“Boy, I don’t know. I wouldn’t bet against Simmons with anybody, really, but Lesnar is just so skilled. He’s just one of those rare [talents] and he’s so big, he’s so strong, and he has that amateur wrestling ability. That would be a coin flip, and I’m being very, very honest. Who knows? Simmons in his prime, nobody gave him too much s***, that’s for sure.”

Brock Lesnar’s only televised match against Faarooq took place on the October 30, 2003, episode of WWE SmackDown. The APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq) defeated Lesnar and The Big Show via disqualification in a three-minute match.

Arn Anderson on Brock Lesnar’s fighting credentials

Haku (right) worked as Andre the Giant
Haku (right) worked as Andre the Giant’s tag team partner

In January 2021, Arn Anderson was asked on his podcast whether anyone else in the wrestling business was as tough as Haku. The former WWE and WCW performer, also known as Meng, is considered by many people to be the toughest wrestler ever.

Anderson teamed up with Haku in WWE and also faced him in WCW. The WWE Hall of Famer also worked as a WWE producer from 2001 to 2019, during which time he witnessed how tough Brock Lesnar really is.

“I think you immediately have to go to Lesnar, don’t you? Yeah, that’s one of those things where I don’t know who would come in second place. He is exactly what he says he is and what he shows you he is. He’s a beast. I think that’s first place. There’s your blue ribbon.”

Brock Lesnar has not appeared in WWE since losing the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre last year at WrestleMania 36. It is currently unclear if and when he plans to return.

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