5 possible directions for Finn Balor in WWE after losing the NXT Championship – Return to the main roster, revenge against The Fiend?

After a dominant run with the title, Finn Balor lost his NXT Championship to Karrion Kross at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. The two superstars engaged in a brutal match that pushed them both to their limits. Even though Balor couldn’t retain the title, he was hailed by the WWE Universe for his memorable performance in the main event.

Now that Balor has achieved everything on NXT, there are many different possibilities for him to explore. From old rivalries to new challenges, he has a lot of options ahead of him after the last NXT-exclusive pay-per-view.

No gimmicks. All PrinXe #NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/eSzfYgfatI— Finn Bálor (@FinnBalor) April 8, 2021
In this article, we will take a look at five possible directions for Finn Balor in WWE after he lost the NXT Championship.

#1 Finn Balor prepares for a return to the main rosterAJ Styles and Finn Balor would be great together
AJ Styles and Finn Balor would be great together
Finn Balor reinvented himself after moving back to NXT. He embraced his dark side and has been one of the best performers on the Black and Gold brand. Balor got the kind of booking that he always deserved, and he justified them by putting on one great match after another. Although he has had an enjoyable run so far, it might now be the time to bring him back to the main roster.

Finn Balor could make things a lot more interesting on RAW. The show desperately needs new feuds and top performers. Balor’s return will shake things up on the roster, making room for new rivalries, alliances, and storylines. Balor could also go after the championships on the Red brand immediately after his return.

Balor’s recent run as a heel has made his character more interesting than ever. He is an excellent heel, and it would be great to see the main roster finally getting a taste of his brutal self. Co-incidentally, AJ Styles is also a heel, and he can work with Balor when the latter arrives on RAW. They both share a long history and can deliver great storylines together.


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Even if AJ Styles and Finn Balor are not booked as allies, they can still tear the house down as rivals. Together, they delivered the best match of the night at WWE TLC 2017 even though their bout was booked at the last minute. Their chemistry guarantees entertainment, and the creative should reunite them on RAW.

The only issue with Finn Balor’s return to the main roster is his booking afterward. He has been incredible as a heel on NXT, and very few have managed to escape his dominance. Balor shouldn’t go back to being on the sidelines when he comes back on RAW. The creative should trust him with big feuds and long-term storytelling. Finn Balor’s return to the WWE main roster has been due for a long time, but the creative must invest more in his booking.#2 Finn Balor seeks revenge against The FiendFinn Balor would want his revenge against The Fiend
Finn Balor would want his revenge against The Fiend
In 2019, ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt defeated Finn Balor at SummerSlam that accounted for one of the most underwhelming losses for the latter in WWE. Balor then went off the television and came back on NXT two months later. Although both superstars pursued different directions following their last meeting in the ring, Balor must have The Fiend somewhere in the back of his mind.

When Finn Balor eventually returns on the main roster, he is bound to go after The Fiend that humiliated him at SummerSlam. He can also bring back his Demon King persona to fight against The Fiend on RAW. This is a revenge storyline that has been in the making ever since the demonic entity handed a humiliating loss to Balor.

Booking this feud will also allow WWE to pit two incredible gimmicks against each other. We will get a lot of surprising moments, and it could lead to a huge push for both superstars. WWE could have Finn Balor engage in one big feud on NXT before leaving right in time for a surprise return at SummerSlam. Defeating The Fiend could play a big role in pushing Balor into the world title picture on the main roster.#3 Finn Balor moves to NXT UKFinn Balor could go after WALTER
Finn Balor could go after WALTER’s NXT UK Championship
WWE planned to move Finn Balor to NXT UK, but the world came to a halt due to the ongoing pandemic. Karrion Kross then sustained an injury on the same night he won the NXT Championship, forcing the WWE Superstar to relinquish his gold. In his absence, NXT trusted Balor to carry the title once again. Now that Kross is back and Balor can fly to Europe, it might be the time for WWE to go back to their old plan.

Finn Balor could move to NXT UK and challenge WALTER for the Championship. The latter is one of the most dominant performers on the brand, and Balor could pick up a statement victory over him. Both Balor and WALTER are bound to engage in a brutal title feud that has the potential to set the standard for NXT UK altogether.

WWE would love to have Finn Balor as the face of NXT UK. He can uplift the entire roster with his presence, and Balor might end up staying there for a while. It is possible that Finn Balor will only return to the main roster after he has spent at least a year on NXT UK. It will be interesting to see which other superstars can step up to challenge Balor on that brand.#4 Finn Balor remains in the NXT Championship pictureFinn Balor will continue to dominate in NXT
Finn Balor will continue to dominate in NXT
Ever since he moved to NXT, Finn Balor has been one of the most dominant performers on the brand. He will always pose a serious threat to the title, and he will seize any opportunity for a title rematch. We could see an extended title feud between Karrion Kross and Finn Balor for the NXT Championship. Defending the title against Balor would be huge for Kross’ title reign.

Their last match looked very promising, even though Kross is still settling inside the ring following his return from injury. NXT booked Kross as someone who relies on brute force, while Balor was portrayed as someone who can use mind games to turn any match. One of their encounters ended in favor of raw power, but that won’t be the case every time.

Finn Balor’s rivalry with Kross will also allow NXT enough time to create the next big challenger for the coveted prize of the Black and Gold brand. Balor is effortless in putting his opponents over with the WWE Universe, regardless of his face or heel run. Even without the title, Finn Balor can help several NXT Superstars who just need one opportunity to showcase their true potential.#5 Finn Balor helps Kyle O’Reilly’s push on NXTThis alliance might continue on WWE NXT
This alliance might continue on WWE NXT
Finn Balor was one of the biggest reasons for the split of The Undisputed Era on NXT. Initially, he engaged in brutal matches with Kyle O’Reilly. Balor was then impressed with O’Reilly’s performance, and soon, the two superstars developed a mutual respect for each other. That led to O’Reilly helping Balor when The Kings of NXT constantly targeted the latter.

This turn of events prompted Adam Cole to turn his back on The Undisputed Era. Cole and O’Reilly competed in a brilliant match at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, and the latter emerged victorious. However, Cole is not expected to stay quiet after a loss, and O’Reilly will need allies during their brutal altercations on the Black and Gold brand. Considering how he helped Balor, the latter could return the favor in the coming weeks.

Finn Balor worked hard to put Adam Cole over with the WWE Universe every time he worked with Cole. He could now do the same with O’Reilly, even if NXT booked them in a feud. Working alongside Finn Balor will help with O’Reilly’s push before he eventually goes for the NXT Championship. The latter is on the rise in the Black and Gold brand, and a good storyline will work wonders for his credibility as a main eventer.

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