The Undertaker explains his response to people calling wrestling “fake”

The Undertaker has opened up on his response to people who call wrestling “fake.” Needless to say, the term does not impress The Deadman.

In a recent appearance on the Victory Over Injury Podcast, the former WWE Champion expressed his displeasure at people referring to WWE as fake, saying he would often challenge those who talk about wrestling in a derogatory sense to a physical confrontation.

However, The Undertaker also backed up his argument for the legitimacy of wrestling using his own experience of injuries sustained in his career.

Here’s what The Undertaker had to say about people who would call WWE fake:

“The old-school me, when someone would say something derogatory about our business, like, “Ah, you guys are all fake!” The old-school me would be more, “OK, let’s see how fake what I do is!” Vince has gone out and he’s explained what our product is and people don’t care. If you like what we do, it doesn’t matter what it is. There’s still that one percent in the world that thinks, “It’s all a bunch of crap!” And it’s like, well, if it was as easy as you think it is, there’d be a lot more people doing it! And being successful and doing these types of things. It’s just, you said it just a minute ago, gravity always wins. There’s just so much that the human body can physically take. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in the ring with your friend or somebody you like, somebody you don’t like, there’s the matter of you got the thumbs up that night, or the thumbs down. To get to that point, there’s a lot of physicality involved. Then multiple that by 270 dates (a year), it’s a miracle there’s not more injuries.”The Undertaker retired in 2020The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2020 (Credit: WWE)
The Undertaker at Survivor Series 2020 (Credit: WWE)
After a thirty-year career in WWE, The Undertaker finally walked away after a short retirement speech at Survivor Series 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony was kept relatively low-key by WWE standards, with no audience in attendance.

The Undertaker’s last official match with the company came against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, where The Undertaker emerged victorious, “burying” the Phenomenal One under a mound of dirt.

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