When Edge found out his WrestleMania match would be a triple threat

Edge didn’t find out about his WrestleMania match turning into a triple threat until the build-up to WWE Fastlane.

In speaking with Inside The Ropes, Edge revealed how late on the road to WrestleMania he found out about the match change. Also, surprisingly, he was told that he had no choice in the matter.

“I think in the build to Fastlane was when we were told it was going to change to a triple threat. The three of us have not talked about it. I think it’s an unspoken thing we all know, obviously, and what’s strange about is our stories. The journey of Adam, Bryan, and Joe doesn’t help further the narrative. And it doesn’t help paint one guy as the villain and one guy as the hero.”It can muddy those waters. All of that being said, if you look at our three stories outside of the characters, I think those stories help invest in the characters more because you know what these three men have fought, scratched, and clawed to get back this thing. All three of these separate journeys have thought, this is it. I know for me, this was it, so I can’t speak for them. I was done, and I was told I had no choice.”

Edge didn’t have a say in his WrestleMania match
Edge believes the stories going into WrestleMania with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan helped the WWE Universe invest more in the match. Citing the truth involved in the story helped make things feel more genuine to the audience.

“To have three guys in the position of having to main event after those stories, I’d like to think that helps you invest in the characters even more. I think that’s helped a lot with the build because there’s a lot of real involved. There’s a lot of truth involved, and in order for a storyline to fire on all cylinders, you got to have some truthful aspects to it, for the performers to pull it off and for the performers to have it feel genuine to the audience.”

Are you surprised that Edge found out about his match turning into a triple threat late in the process? Do you think it helped or hurt WrestleMania’s second main event? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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