Roman Reigns’ next challenger could be former Intercontinental Champion – Report

Roman Reigns defeated Edge and Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37. Though Reigns managed to best the two former WWE Champions, his next challenger could be someone much younger and hungrier than the two legends – Big E.

Big E lost the Intercontinental Championship to Apollo Crews in the first-ever Nigerian Drum Fight match. The reason behind Big E losing the Championship could be so that he is free to feud for the Universal Championship on SmackDown.

Dave Meltzer of WON had noted that Apollo Crews would be winning at WrestleMania 37, as Big E could be being positioned as the next challenger for the Universal Champion.

“E is theoretically en route to being built for a Universal title program, but WWE booking usually means you lose your secondary title when you move up the card.”

When will Big E challenge Roman Reigns?
It is being speculated the program between Apollo Crews and Big E is not completely over yet. So it’s likely the two-time IC Champion will resume his feud with Apollo Crews in the coming weeks.

However, Big E has been high on momentum and even his loss to Crews at WrestleMania was not a clean one. It could be the perfect time to pull the trigger and launch Big E into the main-event picture on SmackDown.

Big E has established himself as a top singles competitor during his run on SmackDown. It had been reported that WWE wanted to give him a major singles push, which is why he was split from Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

A program with Roman Reigns would not only help Big E improve his game, but it would also solidify him as a top-card superstar in WWE.


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