WWE NXT UK stars release training video as UK gyms reopen

WWE NXT UK stars have released a video highlighting some of their favorite gym exercises and techniques, as gyms begin to reopen in the UK.

In a video released on WWE UK’s official social media channels, NXT UK stars Nina Samuels, Amale, Wolfgang and Oliver Carter show off their strength and conditioning, as well as offering WWE fans some handy tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their gym workouts.

The stars also revealed how they’ve managed to stay healthy and motivated during the national lockdown in the UK. Check out the video at the link here:

Here’s what the NXT UK stars had to say when it came time to reveal their personal favorites:

Nina Samuels – “I love an overhead press, it makes me feel super strong and powerful.”

Amale – “My go-to and first move I’ll do when I’m back in the gym? A deadlift. I love going heavy.”

Wolfgang – “My job is to throw folk around in the ring. To train for that, I use medicine balls to build strength.”

Oliver Carter- “A bench press was the first thing I did when I started in the gym and has remained my favourite. That’s where I’ll be heading to.”

NXT UK stars offer their advice to those heading back to the gym

A bench press in motion

As of April 12th, gyms have finally begun to open up their doors again in the UK. While many will be elated to be returning to their ideal exercise ground, others might be feeling a little rusty.

NXT UK star Wolfgang had this to say to those looking for super-quick results:

“You’re no longer just going to be lifting cans of beans and bottles of milk. Instead there will be proper weights in front of you – you can’t dive right in. Ease into it, do the things that you enjoy doing. For me, it’s shoulders and bench. Enjoy also being in the mindset and being back in that environment again.”

NXT UK is available to watch every week on the WWE Network.

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