Natalya fires back at current champion after nasty WrestleMania spot

Natalya has responded to Shayna Baszler via Twitter after the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion inflicted a nasty injury on her at WrestleMania 37.

During their clash for the WWE Women’s Tag titles, the Queen of Spades struck a downed Natalya with a devastating knee strike which seemed to connect clean. Natalya appeared to be in some pain, but continued with the match.

In the end, it would be Baszler who put Natalya to sleep with a rear naked choke, retaining the titles for herself and her partner, Nia Jax.

Soon after, Natalya uploaded a photo of her injury to her social media accounts after some fans became concerned the star had lost a tooth in the incident. Thankfully, the injury was an ugly split lip, as opposed to a lost tooth:

It wouldn’t take long for Baszler to begin gloating about the damage she’d caused, referring to herself as “Baszler the Dentist” in a humorous retweet.

However, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion would return with a comment of her own, shockingly saying she “loved” taking the stiff shot. Natalya also said she was going to send Baszler “to the hospital”:

“I loved it. More. You send me to sleep and I send you to the hospital. That’s the way this is going to work, Dentist Baszler.”

It seems the rivalry between Natalya and Baszler is far from over.

Natalya isn’t the only star to suffer a tooth-related injury at the hands of Shayna Baszler

During an episode of Monday Night RAW back in February, Asuka also fell foul of the brutality of former cage fighter Shayna Baszler.

Once again, Baszler struck her downed opponent with a massive shot – on this occasion it was a straight right kick to the face. The kick ended up breaking one of Asuka’s teeth and giving her a mild concussion.

Many believed the injury would force The Empress of Tomorrow to miss WrestleMania 37. Luckily, she recovered and was able to perform on the Grandest Stage of Them All last night, in a losing effort against new RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

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