WWE RAW – 5 Possible surprises – 3 Major returns, Alexa Bliss explains her actions, New Hurt Business member confirmed

People often complain about how tiresome WWE RAW is, how sitting through three hours of sports entertainment on a weekly basis is a major chore. However, the complaints stop on the RAW after WrestleMania, which is filled with many surprises.

Often the surprises listed in these articles do not necessarily come true. However, the episode of WWE RAW after WrestleMania is a show where surprises WILL happen – they are guaranteed to happen.

Here are five surprises that we could potentially see on WWE RAW this week. Let us know if you agree or disagree with them.

#5 Brock Lesnar shows up on WWE RAW and destroys Bobby Lashley

From the very moment that Bobby Lashley defeated Drew McIntyre with a distraction from MVP, people have yearned for a confrontation between the All-Mighty One and The Beast Incarnate.

Who are we kidding? The rumblings of a match between these two MMA powerhouses began many years ago, even when Brock Lesnar was in WWE and Bobby Lashley in TNA. Lashley has been very vocal about wanting this match, to no avail.

It does seem like finally Bobby Lashley has been booked strongly enough to at least appear to be at Brock Lesnar’s level as a competitor.

How cool would it be if Bobby Lashley ends the show by showing up, issuing an open challenge, and then being shocked out of his wits when Brock Lesnar shows up!

The Beast could leave Lashley lying in a pile in the middle of the ring and then just disappear for a few months.

A match of this magnitude needs a big stage and SummerSlam may be the ideal site for a confrontation of this size.

Four more surprises await. Flip the page!

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