22-year WWE veteran defends Michael Cole after WrestleMania blunder – “You’re better than that!”

Jimmy Korderas has rushed to the defense of WWE commentator Michael Cole after his unfortunate mistake at the end of WrestleMania Night One’s main event.

In the latest video in his ‘Reffin Rant’ series, the former WWE referee said he was pleased with WrestleMania 37 as a whole. However, the 22-year WWE veteran was disappointed at the number of fans who were quick to criticize Michael Cole for his mistake at the end of Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair.

Cole was slammed by many wrestling fans online for incorrectly calling that Banks had kicked out of the KOD by Belair, when in reality she was pinned for the three count.

Korderas said he was also upset fans were concentrating on the wrong aspect of the match, given the two women “knocked it out of the park”:

“One thing I did have a problem with on the first night though was the finish to the match (Banks vs. Belair). Yes, Michael Cole may have made a little “error” at the end in his commentary, but everybody jumps all over it. They made that an issue instead of concentrating on what a fantastic match the ladies had! Listen, stop being so critical of every little thing. Actually, it wasn’t so bad of a mistake. It was like an honest mistake by Michael Cole. But the ladies, like I said, knocked it out of the park and people are concentrating on Michael Cole’s little flub at the end? Come on guys, you’re better than that! We’re all better than that!”

Jimmy Korderas served as a referee in WWE for 22 years, until his departure from the company in 2009.

Jimmy Korderas is a fan of WrestleMania’s two-night format

In his video, Jimmy Korderas also said he liked WrestleMania being presented over two nights as it gave the women – Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair – the chance to take the main event spot:

“I was on the fence at to whether or not having two nights was a bad idea. I actually liked it because the ladies got to main event the first night and knocked it out of the park. Then of course the guys did it on Sunday night, which was awesome.”

Time will tell as to whether WWE will continue with this two-night trend next year. But at the moment, all indicators are pointing towards a two-night WrestleMania in Texas.

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