WWE WrestleMania 37: 5 Potential finishes for The New Day vs AJ Styles and Omos – Partnership implodes, new Champions crowned

Omos will join an elite class of wrestlers tonight at WrestleMania when he makes his in-ring debut as part of the RAW Tag Team Championship match alongside AJ Styles.

In recent weeks, The New Day has been trying to build a wedge between Omos and Styles to even the playing field ahead of their encounter.

Both Styles and Kofi Kingston are former world champions and Omos is a man who could completely dominate any star put in the ring against him.

Without knowing Omos’ ability in the ring going into the match, it’s hard to predict how this WrestleMania match will go. There are several combustible elements in this match that could make it a memorable one.

#5. The New Day retain their RAW Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have been seen as two of the best tag team wrestlers of the current generation over the past few years. They are going up against two men who are not seen as a legitimate team as part of WrestleMania night one.

Omos has been in AJ Styles’ corner for several months now and the two men have seemingly become friends. However, there is no chemistry between them because this will be their first match and it will come under a huge spotlight.

Experience is something that WWE’s commentary team always makes a big deal about and when it comes to tag team wrestling, Woods and Kofi Kingston have been a team since 2014 and this could be the difference tonight at WrestleMania.

Even though Omos could seemingly defeat The New Day on his own and has been pushed as WWE’s newest beast in recent months, there is no telling what he’s capable of in a sanctioned environment. If Styles and Omos are not able to co-exist in a match then The New Day will take advantage.

Whilst Woods and Kingston have had to adapt to life on RAW without Big E since being drafted, it’s likely the duo will still be able to find a way past their latest and perhaps toughest challengers. They will then continue to stake their claim as one of the best tag teams in WWE history.

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