Chris Jericho calls WWE storyline “one of the best angles in WWE history”

Chris Jericho has had an illustrious career in and out of WWE. He is one of the best professional wrestlers of all time and has been a part of many engaging storylines over the years. Jericho recently dubbed one of his classic storylines as one of the best angles of all time in WWE.

His rivalry with Shawn Michaels turned the heads of many wrestling enthusiasts. That feud is looked back upon fondly by fans to this day.

Chris Jericho took to Twitter earlier today to express his opinion on the aforementioned storyline.

The feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho is unquestionably a highlight in the careers of both superstars. It was a very complicated yet engaging rivalry that kept fans on the edge of their seats, who waited for the next development in the story to occur.

The rivalry officially kicked off when Chris Jericho turned heel by launching Shawn Michaels into the Jeritron, thereby cementing his heel turn. The rivalry also saw Jericho introduce his all-time best suit-wearing character, inspired by Anton Chigurh from the film — No Country for Old Men (2007).

Lately, Jericho has been tweeting and referring to WWE quite a lot since the announcement of his WWE Network appearance.

Chris Jericho will appear on the WWE Network show Broken Skull Sessions this Sunday

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho
Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho

It was announced over a week ago that Chris Jericho would be making an appearance on the WWE Network special, Broken Skull Sessions, hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This took the wrestling world by storm since Jericho is still under contract with AEW and he’ll be appearing on a WWE program. AEW President Tony Khan also shared why he allowed Y2J to appear on a WWE show.

Chris Jericho’s Broken Skull Sessions episode will air this Sunday on the WWE Network on Peacock.

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