“He never worked for WWE again” – Vince McMahon fired a Superstar right after a match [Exclusive]

Dutch Mantell recently discussed Brad Maddox’s WWE release and how he was let go right after coming backstage post his match.

WWE fired Brad Maddox in 2015 after a promo he cut during a dark match. Maddox, who was a heel at the time, used the word “pr***s” while addressing the crowd.

Dutch Mantell was on this week’s SmackTalk and during the show, he opened up about Vince McMahon having Brad Maddox fired as soon as he came back from the ring. Explaining what transpired, Mantell said:

“You don’t know what Vince is going to say and when he [Vince McMahon] is going to say it. Actually I saw him fire a guy. When he came back from the ring one day he just fired him. He didn’t fire him, he told somebody else to fire him. He said tell him to get his stuff and go home. I forgot what the guy had done, it was in dark match. He went out and said some unkindly bad words to the crowd and he just told him to leave and he never worked for WWE again. What was his name? Brad Maddox! They put him in the ring one night and Vince didn’t like his promo and let him go.”


Dutch Mantell says WWE writers are scared of Vince McMahon

Dutch Mantell also commented on the creative process in WWE, saying that he felt WWE writers were scared of Vince McMahon and hesitant from pitching certain ideas. Mantell explained:

“I love Vince. He treated me very well. But, Vince has his own writers scared. They’re scared of him. So if you have an idea, you can’t really go up to one of the writers and pitch the idea. You can but if its a little bit complicated, the guy knows how to write but he doesn’t know how to piece angles together because it’s new to him. So if you give him the angle and say ‘Can you give this to Vince?’ because sometimes you can’t get in there, the guys not going to go and pitch it because he doesn’t understand it and can’t defend it if Vince asks him a question.”

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