Melina discusses her favorite WrestleMania moment [Exclusive]

Melina recently spoke to SK Wrestling and revealed her favorite WrestleMania moment.

Melina is a former WWE Superstar and has recently been part of the NWA. The five-time WWE champion wrestled for the promotion between 2004 and 2011. She has also made a few special appearances since 2019.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Melina spoke to SK Wrestling’s Jose G at WrestleCon and opened up about her favorite WrestleMania moment as a fan. Melina named the match between Trish Stratus, Jazz, and Victoria at WrestleMania 19.

“There are iconic moments with great stars like Bret Hart and stuff, but I guess for me as a female… it was the WrestleMania with Jazz, Victoria and Trish Stratus. Those three together, that was for me and that will always be my favourite WrestleMania moment because when I saw the women do what they could do. I love Trish but I was a hardcore fan of Victoria and Jazz. To see all three of them together, that was my dream come true at that time.”


Melina reveals why WrestleMania season is special to her

WrestleMania season is important to both fans and wrestlers and it’s no different to Melina. Speaking to SK Wrestling, Melina revealed why WrestleMania season is so special to her.

“That’s when everybody goes all out because they know what’s on the line. There’s titles on the line, there’s careers on the line, there are debuts. Everybody’s going all out so you know, the best of the best, everybody’s giving their all so it’s that much more of a show. People are putting their heart into it so it’s that, it’s the fan interaction here because there are so many days of fans going to shows, participating in so many events and the fan interaction because I started out as a fan, so I still love moments like this.”

Who knows, Melina may be able to enjoy WrestleMania season as part of WWE once again somewhere down the line

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