“I knew when he was 3 years old” – WWE legend on when he knew Roman Reigns was destined for greatness

Paul Heyman has recalled meeting Roman Reigns when he was just three years old. Even at such a young age, the current Special Counsel to the Universal Champion says he knew the child was destined to be a star.

In a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show ahead of WrestleMania 37, Heyman was asked when he realized Roman Reigns was going to be “the guy” in WWE. As it turns out, Heyman saw something in Roman Reigns decades before he would ever enter the world of professional wrestling.

Here’s what Paul Heyman had to say on meeting a three year old Roman Reigns:

“When Roman Reigns was 3 years old, his father was working for the Continental Wrestling Federation. Which, at the time, the creative was being headed by Eddie Gilbert, and I was Eddie Gilbert’s assistant. There was a show in Panama City, Florida and Roman Reigns’ father – the legendary WWE Hall of Famer Sika – came into the locker room and he brought Roman Reigns with him. At 3 years old, this young man already had so much personality and so much charisma, you could tell he was going to be a top-level, A-1, top tier star, no matter what he did in his life. It just so happens he chose sports entertainment. But he would have been a star no matter what he did. I knew when he was 3 years old… there’s the future.”

Paul Heyman has been at Roman Reigns’ side since his return at SummerSlam 2020. Soon after, he would capture the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman and The Fiend. The pair have been utterly dominant on the SmackDown roster ever since.

Paul Heyman comments on the link between CM Punk, The Shield and Roman Reigns

In his typical boastful fashion, Heyman would use his history with both The Shield and CM Punk to explain seeing greatness in Roman Reigns early on.

“How did The Shield come into WWE? The Shield came into WWE to protect the championship reign of CM Punk. And who was CM Punk’s Special Advisor? Who was CM Punk’s advocate? Who was standing next to CM Punk? Paul Heyman. Who brought in The Shield? Paul Heyman. I’ve been seeing this in Roman Reigns before anybody even realized I was seeing this in Roman Reigns.”

Roman Reigns will be defending his Universal Championship against Daniel Bryan and Edge this weekend at WrestleMania. As always, Paul Heyman will likely be ringside.

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