WWE Rumor Roundup – Big idea for Becky Lynch’s return, 49-year-old legend coming out of retirement, Vince McMahon’s WrestleMania change – 6th April 2021

We’re finally in WrestleMania week, and all the focus is on WWE’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year. Today’s roundup has all the details of an original plan for the two-day show.

A top personality from SmackDown has pitched an exciting booking idea for Becky Lynch’s WWE TV return.

A WWE Hall of Famer confirmed his plans to come out of retirement for another match, and he even issued a challenge to a reigning champion in WWE.

Chris Jericho also revealed WWE’s scrapped creative plans for his world title win and how it resulted in him leaving the company.

We end the roundup with a current WWE Superstar admitting to rejecting a WWE offer to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

#5. Paul Heyman has an idea for Becky Lynch’s WWE return


Becky Lynch is a proud mother to daughter Roux. However, as time passes, speculation regarding the former RAW Women’s Champion continues to grow louder.

Paul Heyman was a guest on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, and The Special Counsel to The Tribal Chief discussed how WWE could reintroduce Lynch on TV.

Heyman labeled Becky Lynch an ‘extraordinary talent .’ He foresaw a marquee WrestleMania 38 return in 2022 for The Man.

Paul Heyman hyped up Lynch’s highly-anticipated comeback in the same vein as the return scenarios of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Ronda Rousey.

“Oh, Becky Lynch is an extraordinary talent. It would not only be very easy to write ‘Becky Lynch/2022 WrestleMania’ and the scenario, and the match, and how we get there. The most difficult thing about that, as it will be for what I envision for Roman Reigns, as it would be for how I would craft a Ronda Rousey scenario or a Brock Lesnar scenario, the most difficult part would be editing it.”

Heyman added that booking an ideal WrestleMania 38 booking scenario wouldn’t be a problem for a superstar as talented as Becky Lynch.

The advocate spoke highly of the former SmackDown Women’s Champion and said that her skill set and willingness to push pre-existing boundaries guarantees a triumphant return to WWE programming.

“Because the flood of ideas for these extraordinary talents, who pushed themselves past their own limitations, is overwhelming at times, and you can only pick so many different scenarios because you have to let them all play themselves out. So, coming up with something for Becky Lynch for next year’s WrestleMania is not the problem. Which one you decide on is the key, is paramount to the process because there’s an infinite number of scenarios that Becky Lynch would excel in; she’s just that talented and that willing to push her talents past her own parameters.” (H/T Fightful)

There are presently no updates regarding the timeline for Becky Lynch’s WWE return. Lynch has been training following her daughter’s birth, and an in-ring comeback shouldn’t be all that far away.

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