“One of the top guys got in Vince’s ear” – Why Sable lost her push in WWE revealed

Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently discussed why Sable lost her push in WWE during the Attitude Era.

Sable signed with WWE in 1996 with then-real life husband Marc Mero. Sable went on to become one of the most popular female stars in WWE history. She is currently married to former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

In a recent interview with The Hannibal TV, Vince Russo was asked about Sable’s run in WWE. Russo said that after Sable had become one of the most popular stars on the roster, she lost her push after one of the top guys spoke to Vince McMahon about it:

“First of all, these are the games that you’re talking about… like putting Sable on the road without Marc. See, they do that intentionally. Sable got the second biggest pop behind Austin and as soon as Sable started gaining the popularity, one of the top guys in the WWE got in Vince’s ear and basically sold Vince on how a female should not have one of the boys’ spot and immediately Sable was dragged down the ladder, Sable was in the parade of human oddities and she never reached that status again. That is what they do bro. That is why… one of the reasons I left and one of the reasons why I would never go back to that world. Marc was a great dude, still is a great dude. Sable was a cool woman. But putting her on the road without her husband, those are the things they do to break you down.”

Vince McMahon’s reaction after first meeting Sable

Marc Mero signed for WWE in 1996 soon after his contract with WCW ended. Mero flew in to meet Vince McMahon around this time and was accompanied by his then-wife Sable. After seeing Sable, Vince McMahon decided that he had to put her on television and that’s how she ended up being Mero’s valet.

In the storyline, Sable accompanied Triple H to the ring at WrestleMania 12. After his loss to Ultimate Warrior, Helmsley was treating Sable badly backstage. This was when Marc Mero made his WWE debut, coming to save Sable.

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