8 interesting backstage secrets you didn’t know about WWE Hall of Famer Kane – Bizarre start to friendship with Daniel Bryan, big sacrifice behind the screen

WWE inducted legendary superstar Kane into its Hall of Fame this year. He has entertained the viewers for decades and given us one of the most iconic in-ring gimmicks of all time. The Big Red Machine has done a lot for the business, and he deserves every bit of accolade for his service to the industry.

Kane maintained a dominant presence inside the ring, staying true to his gimmick. However, not many fans know that the man behind it all – Glenn Jacobs – is an absolute gem in real life. He is widely regarded as one of the most loved superstars backstage, and many factors contribute to his popularity among his peers.

Today, we will take a look at some of the best WWE backstage secrets involving Kane.

#1 Kane and Daniel Bryan’s strange backstage interaction that led to the formation of Team Hell No

Kane and Daniel Bryan were brilliant together
Kane and Daniel Bryan were brilliant together

Kane and Daniel Bryan came together to form one of the most hilarious tag teams in WWE history, Team Hell No. Fans loved their on-screen chemistry, but the start to their real-life friendship backstage was quite absurd. According to Bryan, he was discussing a book with someone backstage. They were talking about the idea of ‘taking your sexual energy up your chakras and then back down, circulating the energy to help you heal and be more vibrant’ when Kane got involved.

Bryan recalled the entire incident in his autobiography and said:

“At first, he was put off by the conversation entirely, but soon he started to enjoy the ridiculousness of it. He grabbed the book and started thumbing through it, then immediately stopped at a little drawing of a naked man lying down and sun, along with an arrow that went from the sun to the man’s perineum.”

“The suggestion was essentially that to increase your sexual energy and, therefore, overall energy; you should expose your perineum to the sun. It was the most outlandish idea Glenn had heard in a long time, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop talking about it. And neither could I.”

Bryan also revealed that he was in his junior year when Kane made his first appearance in WWE. The two superstars eventually crossed paths backstage. Bryan further stated that Kane is relatively quiet unless he is in the company of his closest friends. He admitted that though the beginning of their bond was quite absurd, they remain good friends to date.

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