Former WWE writer pitches Karrion Kross as the leader of RETRIBUTION [Exclusive]

Vince Russo has pitched the idea of having Karrion Kross become the leader of RETRIBUTION.

On the latest episode of Writing with Russo, the former WWE writer insisted the struggling faction should have presented themselves as more threatening upon their move from NXT.

In a scenario Russo was hypothesizing, he suggested Karrion Kross would have been “the icing on the cake” in terms of making the group feel like a genuine threat upon their main roster arrival.

Russo also suggested current RAW Superstar Rhea Ripley would have been a perfect fit for RETRIBUTION.

“The way I would do it is, you bring in one bad dude, and you think this is the baddest dude, but the one behind him is even badder. (Karrion) Kross might be the payoff. That’s exactly how I would stack it… The thing too about the women, that should have been Rhea Ripley’s spot! That’s where she would have fit like a glove. But Karrion Kross, that would have been the icing on the cake. In other words, if you’re doing this but there’s that one guy that can challenge to be the champion… this ain’t about taking your belt. This is about breaking your back. This is about putting you in a wheelchair. That’s the guy to do that.”

Vince Russo served as Head Writer for WWE during the Attitude Era. He joined rival promotion WCW in 1999.


Karrion Kross will face Finn Balor for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver

Karrion Kross was forced out of action shortly after winning the NXT Championship from Keith Lee at NXT TakeOver: XXX due to an injury he sustained in the match. A few weeks later, Finn Balor claimed his second NXT title and has reigned ever since.

On the second night of NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver, Kross will have the chance to become a two-time champion, just like The Prince. Will he be able to overcome the man who many consider to be the greatest NXT Champion in history?

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